Mould Remediation

At Arctic Attics, we understand mould is a major issue. Indeed it poses serious safety risks, and left unchecked, can rapidly lead to deterioration of roof trusses, structural supports and more.

There are numerous ways to remediate mould once it has begun growth. A contractor might opt to remove it using sanding or wire brushes. This is an effective method of removing mould, however it is extremely time consuming and labour intensive.

There is the option of using physical media to blast the layer of mould and wood away from the roof sheathing using dry ice another media. While this is very effective, because of the industrial equipment necessary, it is rarely considered viable.

Arctic Attics recognized the need for a fast and efficient mould remediation resolution.

Our answer to the problem of mould remediation is a safe, effective and budget conscious solution. We effectively and efficiently stop mould growth in your home and restore the wood to its original appearance.

Contact us today to discuss our mould remediation services and see why we are confident we can deliver the results you expect within the budget you are comfortable with.