Home Insulation - Attic Insulation

A well insulated attic installed by Arctic Attics

Your attic is the coldest portion of your house in the winter, and the hottest portion in the summer.

Depending on the builder of your home, even newer houses can come insulated to only R32 in the attic, older homes typically have less than that.

Government recommendation is to insulate to R50 to maximize heat savings, it has been shown that heat loss through the attic can be reduced by up to 80% by reinsulating to R50 or R60.

Arctic Attics offers affordable attic insulation using high quality Owens Corning fibreglass insulation. Our professional installers will blow the insulation into your attic in a complete, continuous blanket, ensuring a consistent level to maximize your heat savings, while reducing the amount of time to complete the project.

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