Welcome to Arctic Attics

At Arctic Attics, our mission is to ensure all Canadian families have access to affordable, high quality insulation services.

We appreciate that when it comes to insulation, it is essential that you need to save more than you spend, which is why our solutions are fully customized to your exacting specifications with attention and priority to your budget.

We are licensed, insured, WSIB certified and BBB accredited, so you can rest assured when you hire this family owned and operated business, you will get the attention and workmanship you deserve.

Fibreglass vs Cellulose Insulation?

A question you might ask yourself, "Should I use fibreglass insulation or cellulose insulation?"

At Arctic Attics, we would like to help you answer that question.

Fibreglass insulation is the industry standard. It is currently used by builders in 70% of new homes, and has a long history of usage dating back to at least 1933.

The Arctic Attic Difference

The Arctic Attics owners and operators

At Arctic Attics, we understand that when it comes to insulating your home, there is a plethora of options available. A quick glance at a leading building material store's website offers well over a hundred different insulation materials alone.

A number of companies will send a salesperson out to quote a property owner a job and complete it within the provided time frame within the promised quote. While this is adequate, at Arctic Attics, we are not satisfied with adequate. We aim to deliver exceptional service.

Contrary to large companies, we do not use salesmen, we establish and develop lasting business relationships through use of fibreglass insulation experts.

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