Welcome to Arctic Attics

At Arctic Attics, our mission is to ensure all Canadian families have access to affordable, high quality insulation services.

We appreciate that when it comes to insulation, it is essential that you need to save more than you spend, which is why our solutions are fully customized to your exacting specifications with attention and priority to your budget.

We are licensed, insured, WSIB certified and BBB accredited, so you can rest assured when you hire this family owned and operated business, you will get the attention and workmanship you deserve.

Mould Treatments

There are a number of techniques that concern mould growth, but unfortunately this inundation of solutions can lead to confusion and, in some cases, answers that are expensive at best and questionable at worst.

Being in the insulation business, we've seen the effects first-hand that inadequate insulation can cause. Unfortunately, we also saw a number of lackluster and expensive solutions proposed to home owners following a mould discovery.

Here at Arctic Attics, we were unsatisfied with these, and other, options. We were determined that mould removal need not be expensive, nor should anyone need to stand in a stuffy attic manually scraping mould from the wood.

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